Monday, December 22, 2008

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A Great Holiday Activity for the Kids

After making candles at the Hutt City Baptist Church craft night a couple of weeks ago I thought what a great thing to do with the kids during the holidays. I ordered some wax sheets and wicks from the Beeswax Company in Geraldine that had been recommended on the night. It arrived yesterday, Sunday, which I thought was an odd day for a courier delivery. Nobody could wait so Cathryn and her two kids and Lachlan, Cameron and I sat down this afternoon around my dining room table to make candles. I thought 16 sheets of wax would last for ages but within 3/4 of an hour we had lots and lots of candles and four very happy smiley children. Cathryn and I are going to have to order some more when the kids are back at school as we didn't even get a look in.

Have a look at this post on Lachlan's blog for his take on the afternoon's activities.

Cathyn took her kids and their candles home before I took the photo so imagine twice as many candles.

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