Friday, January 09, 2009

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Styled Silver HodgePodge Share


I have been asked by some of my customers for a HodgePodge share and I am as always willing to oblige.

The HodgePodge hardware I have chosen is the Styled Silver shown on Page 5 of the 2008 Summer Mini Catalogue.

One tin of hodgepodge hardware will be split into five shares each containing: -

- 8 cast brads (2 of each design)
- 2 cast ribbon slides
- 10 book plates (2 of each design)
- 20 4.8mm brads

The cost of each share will be $14.30 including postage.

I will contact you to arrange payment once the share is full and then place the order once all payments have been received.

EMail me to book your place.

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