Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Christmas Crackers after Christmas Dinner

Here they are all beautifully made with pretty papers and beautiful ribbons, snaps, hats, jokes and gifts included.

And here they all are just after Christmas Dinner, Ben 10 toys being played with, scratchies scratched and one was even a winner and everyone wearing silly hats and groaning at the not so funny jokes.

Doesn't it just show that papercrafters make their creations for the love of the craft and the joy they bring to others because otherwise it would be impossible to craft something that would end up like this.

Once I'm back home I'll do some photo editing. 



KarenR said...

we did home made ones this year just as well as the bought ones are getting worser if that's possible - enjoy your break

Janine P said...

they look very colourful. and personally I reckon far better than the ones you buy in the shops.
I remember as a child getting some real neat stuff out of the Christmas crackers, miniature egg timers that worked etc.

I wonder who had more fun, you making them for the Christmas table, or those who got to use them on the day?

Vanessa said...

Oh WOW - I love your crackers. They're definitely much better than the bought ones.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Vanessa x