Thursday, January 21, 2010

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3 Things They Won't Teach You At Spotlight

 - How to choose the correct ink type for your project.
 - Which other products you need to make the one you just bought work correctly.
 - How to get into a business just like their's.

I went into my local Spotlight Store today and noticed they no longer have any specialist staff stationed by the craft area at all.

When you're new to a craft or when new products arrive on the market every 5 seconds, it seems, walking into a large craft store, even when the products are all lined up in racks, can be as confusing as the jumble below:

One of the reasons you want to work with Stampin' Up!® to supply the quality product for your heirloom scrapbook projects and special occassion cards is me.  You can contact me by EMail, Phone, Text or even send a card to get answers to your crafting questions.  Get new project ideas and find out about the latest promotions in my Newsletters, on my Facebook page, Twitter and Stampin' Up!® Website.  To sign up for my Newsletter enter your EMail address into the box in my sidebar.

I can even bring the store to you with workshops and classes in your home.

To find out how to have a business just like mine where you can share your passion for papercrafting with your community click here for more details and then visit with me at my Stampin' Up!® Opportunity Night, details here.



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