Sunday, January 17, 2010

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New Blog Layout

Look at my new Yummy blog layout.  I guess you couldn't miss it really it's so different to what I had before. 

I'm particularly excited to have a matching signature and watermark as well as a matching photo for Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you so much to Michelle Laycock for all the beautiful design work and for the installation on my blog.

I'm just waiting now for the buttons at the bottom of my banner to have the code written for them so until then here are the links for you: -

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Marcia said...

Looks amazing Kerryn ... very professional.

:) Marcia

Paula said...

Fab new look, Keryn!!!

Anonymous said...

Great new look!


Sharlene said...

Love the new look! Very fresh and cheery. Sharlene

Kathy said...

oooh Keryn, don't you look all posh! Fab new colours, etc

SueH said...

That’s looking a bit posh …….love the new look!