Friday, March 15, 2013

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Tips & Tricks Friday - Sharp Creases

It's much easier to work on a card if the folded card base is lying flat.  A good sharp crease also makes sure that the card stays standing in it's completed form when it's put up on display.

There are lots of tools that as well as scoring for boxes, decorations etc, etc, will also score a card.  I love my Simply Scored for all that it can do but when scoring a card blank I go for the traditional and basic bone folder.

Start with your card blank and bone folder.

Fold in half creasing along the fold with your fingers.  I find that if when I'm folding I line up the corners I'm pretty certain to have a straight fold.  As long as I've cut the card straight that is.

I find it's much easier to work on a card base if it's sitting completely flat on my desk.  To achieve this I run the edge of my bone folder along the fold, as above.

At $14.25 the bone folder is not an expensive tool and one I wouldn't want to be without for my cardmaking.

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