Monday, May 03, 2010

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Finally the Quilted Top Note Video I promised You

Back in a post on the 12 April 2010 I showed the card I'd made while away on a crafting weekend with my friends.  I promised you a video as soon as the boys went back to school.  Well the boys have been back at school for a couple of weeks, I've managed to recover from being sick, recover from Dave being sick and reclaim my Top Note die from a Demo Friend and another good friend/customer who needed to borrow it.

Here we go: -

This is the card that I made in the video with a small twist for Mother's Day on Sunday.

and finally here is the promised video.  I hope I've given you enough time to get your card done for Mother's Day.




Helen Williams said...

Thanks Keryn, I have been meaning to made a quilted card for awhile now, I have now made a couple. I will link this tutorial to my blog. Thanks for your inspiration.

bed frames said...

Thanks for this one! I am so glad that you posted this one!