Friday, May 18, 2012

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Builder Punch Placement

I'm doing a workshop on Sunday using the Blossom Petals Builder punch and the matching Build a Blossom stamp set. I always like to work out the easiest way to use tools before I demonstrate them at a workshop.  This time as I stamped and placed my punch it seemed like a good time to take some photos and share the tip with you as well.

Often when using a 'Builder Punch' (e.g. Owl, Two Step Bird, Blossom Petals) in a hurry I stamp the matching image and punch it out only to find that the hurried placement of the image has meant that I've punched out a lot of shapes I didn't need and wasted cardstock.

 For this project I'm using the Blossom Petals Builder punch and the Build a Blossom Stamp Set.  

I've chosen the stamp I want to use.

Before stamping the image chose the part of the punch that matches the stamp and position it on your cardstock in a position that creates the least waste.

Then stamp in that position and punch.  Then repeat for the number you need and start with the other images.

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