Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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MDS (Not Just for Scrapbooking) & A Belated Tips/Tricks

You may have noticed from my blog posts to date that I am more of a cardmaker than a scrapper.  So what use is the 'My Digital Studio' suite to a crafter like me?  I'll admit that when it was only available in the North American market I didn't miss it, didn't feel left out at all.  I remember at last year's Convention being very excited that MDS was coming because when it did Online Ordering came with it.

BUT!! now that I've got my hands on it my thinking has completely changed.

I'm doing more scrapbooking: - We celebrated Lachlan's 13th Birthday on Sunday and I put together this layout when we got home.  If I'd printed a photo and put it in a box it wouldn't have happened.  It wasn't a quick process, I spent time moving around those balloons until I was happy with the placement and I haven't printed it yet.  It was great not to  have to wait to get my photos printed to complete the layout.  (Job for today, print the layout and put it in the album)

I'm using it us a business tool: - My hostesses from the 2012/2013 Catalogue year are going to receive invites (you are all invited) to my catalogue launch created and printed using 'My Digital Studio' and I've been creating my tips/tricks tutorials using it too.  Here's the one from last week that got pushed out of it's usual spot due to the 'Retirement List being announced'.

Here is the project that the finished feathers were used on, one of the make & takes that I brought home from Convention.  Watch out for these boxes with acetate sleeves appearing in the 2013/2014 Annual Catalogue.

It can be used to create gifts: - I haven't made any as yet but I did receive this very practical and inspiring notebook as a gift from Sharlene (my team leader) at Convention.  

Look at the personal touch at the top of the spine.  Blue ribbon, because that's my favourite colour and my initial in a soda pop top.

The soda pop tops are in the current Seasonal Catalogue and won't be making it into the 2013/2014 Annual Catalogue.  Make sure you grab a pack of 16 for $8.50 (129388) before the 30th June if you were planning on getting some.

Do you think you might like to try out 'My Digital Studio'?  You can with the 30 day FREE trial.

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