Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Christmas Card Wednesday

 This card is dedicated to Fiona, Gillian, Madeleine, Zoe & Ruth who worked with me this morning during our Craft at Keryn's session to find the best way to get a clean image from this gorgeous Christmas Star stamp.

The original idea for this card came from this gorgeous card I found posted on Pinterest this morning.

Large stamps, particularly solid ones are always trickier to stamp with.  After some trial & error these are the two things that made the most impact when trying to get a complete image and one without extra ink around the edges.

1. An absolutely solid surface with no movement.  I found the desk in my office to be the best option, better than the trestle tables in my class space.  I topped my desk with a craft mat.

2.  The wetter the ink pad is the better.  The new firm foam classic ink pads were much better than the older felt pads.  You always get a more solid image with the firm felt pads anyway and being able to gently ink the stamp rather than twisting and tapping meant no ink on the edges of the rubber.  Having more ink on the stamp meant you didn't need to press as hard when stamping so less risk of any ink on the edges of the rubber transferring.

The only thing I need to master now is some patience.  The wetter the ink the longer it takes to dry and the more likely it is that I'm going to put finger prints into clean white space.  Sponging is absolutely my best friend.

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