Friday, October 18, 2013

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Tips & Tricks Friday - How I clean my Stampin' Scrub

I've often said at workshops and it's held true through all my Stampin' Up!® years, that my favourite Stampin' Up!® product is the Stampin' Scrub.

I still remember the days of cleaning my stamps under the tap with a toothbrush and liquid stamp cleaner leaving my stamps wet and unable to be used or put away straight away.

I love that after misting the wet side of the Scrub with Stampin' Mist then scrubbing my stamp on the pad on that side and drying in on the pad on the other side I can stamp again or put it away straight away.

My Stampin' Up!® scrub does get pretty grubby particularly after a week of use at Stamp Club.  Yours might not get used quite as much but eventually it will need a clean.

This is how I clean mine: - 

I gently ease a bread & butter knife under the edge of the pad and gently pop it out of the plastic clips.  Be extremely gentle doing this this the older black Stampin' Scrubs.  The clips on the newer ones are a lot sturdier but still don't be rough.

I hold the pad under cold running water in my kitchen sink until the water runs clear.  It will be very wet after this, wrap it in an old towel to get some of the water out and then leave to dry.

Stampin' Scrub

Stampin' Mist

You can purchase the Stampin' Scrub and/or Stampin' Mist by Emailing me or clicking on the links above.

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