Friday, July 26, 2013

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Tips & Tricks Friday - How to order 24/7 or when you can't get hold of me

You will have seen the Shop 24/7 button at the bottom of every post.  It's a great way to shop when you want to without having to get hold of me.  If you want the personal touch and some help with your ordering I will be here as usual.

Your order is processed as soon as you hit the submit button and is delivered directly to your door.  You can be in total control of the process.  

Sometimes it can be a little confusing clicking on a link and being asked to set up an account so I thought I'd take this opportunity to step you through the process.

When you click on the Shop 24/7 button at the bottom of my blog posts you will find yourself in this screen - 

Click on Create Account, which will drop you into this screen - 

Fill in the required fields and click Continue.  You will find yourself back in the first screen above.  

Click through the menu options on the left hand side of the screen until you find the product you wish to purchase - click on add to bag.

You can now choose to 'Continue Shopping' or 'Check Out'

When you click on the 'Check Out' button 5% Shipping will be added to your order with a minimum of $9.95.  Enter your credit card details and your order will sent to be processed and delivered directly to you.

If at any time in the process you have queries please contact me so I can help resolve your queries or process the order for you.

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